Carbon Uprights

Carbon Uprights description

High-end exclusive uprights with handmade fabric which can be attached between the uprights and the superstructure of the yacht. Enjoy sun protection by setting up the awning in only a few minutes.
The uprights are made of carbon, produced vacuum and have the advantage to be light and strong. We offer the carbon uprights in different designs -straight or curved-, different color possibilities and for the fabric we make use of Soltis 86/92 in different colors.
For storage, we deliver matching bags for the uprights and fabric, and high gloss polished cover plates for the deck facilities.

Special designs
Induction lighting: By means of a vertical LED-strip, spot light on top or bottom integrated in the carbon upright will it light up your deck! With the changeable colors and adjustable brightness, you can choose your own atmosphere on deck all controllable by a mobile device.  
Mist-spraying: The integrated mist system in the uprights generates a delightful cooling spray on your deck for warm days during cruising.

·      Designer uprights
·      High-quality material
·      Light and strong
·      Design and color of your choice
·      Quick and easily installed
·      Involving deck facilities 
·      Induction lighting or mist-spraying