Carbon Uprights

Carbon Uprights description

Our first signature - vacuum produced - carbon upright is characterised by its slightly curved shape. This aerodynamic shape absorbs the tension caused by stretched canopy.
This high-end exclusive upright can either be used as a center pole for a parasol or function as [repetitive] corner poles for a large canopy.
Optionally, on a lower level, a second canopy/hammock can be attached to the 4 poles to function as a large sun bed.

Our second design is a robust yet lightweight offset version for parasols or function as [repetitive] corner poles for a larger canopy. Also this version can be delivered with a separate sun bed.
For both poles and fabric we offer many color options.

Both our poles are installed inside the deck where they - if needed - connect with a power source. The absence of a floor plate makes space around the pole fully accessible. Once installed, setting up or removing the awning only takes a few minutes.
For storage, we deliver matching bags for the uprights and canopy, and [high gloss polished] cover plates for the deck facilities.

 - Integrated induction lighting:
By means of a vertical LED-strip, spot light on top or bottom integrated in the carbon upright to light up your deck, patio or garden. With the changeable colours and adjustable brightness, you can choose your own atmosphere, all controllable by a mobile device. 

 - Integrated Mist-spraying:
The integrated mist system in the uprights generates a delightful cooling spray for warm days.