Retractable Awning

Retractable Awning description

The dynamic retractable sun awning runs completely automatically with one press on the in/out button. The system is completely integrated in the structure of the yacht, you will only notice the system when it is required.
The system can extend by means of telescopic arms which push the composite spoiler to the desired position. The spoiler can be painted in the corresponding color of the superstructure in order to dovetail seamlessly with the yacht. Due to the combination of the technology and the well-thought-out design, is the system able to withstands wind speeds up to 17-30 knots, depending on the position and dimensions of the retractable awning. 
Special design 
Wireless lighting: By means of spot lights integrated in the composite spoiler will it light up your deck!
Glass specialized awning screens with built-in sun screening filters.
·      Completely automatic
·      Dovetail seamlessly with the design of the yacht
·      Telescopic arms
·      Design and color of your choice
·      Lighting possibilities
·      Glass specialized awnings with sun screening filters