Uprights description

The stationary designer uprights are designed in a curved or a straight shape, implemented with exactly the same care and attention to detail as the automatic systems. In these cases too, the design of the yacht is the starting point for the exclusive design. As regards to dimensions, these stationary designer uprights are barely restricted by limits.

Easily removable stationary uprights are placed on the deck. A screen is mounted among the uprights after it has first been spread out on the deck. The screen is affixed to the uprights and is then hoisted up mechanically. The uprights are just as easy to remove as to place without leaving visible traces behind. Once the uprights have been removed, teak plugs with an ingenious locking system close off the mounting holes discreetly. This applies to all systems.

To experience the functionality and beauty of the design even more, the option to choose for integrated lighting or a mist-spraying upright is made possible by Amber Dynamic Sun Design.